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LIST OF AUTHORITIES              517

Original Letters illustrative of English History, by Sir Henry Ellis.    3

series,    iivols.    8vo.    1825-46.
* Origin and Influence of the Thoroughbred Horse, by Prof. William Ridge-

way.    8vo.    1905.
Overland to India, by Sven Hedin.    2 vols.    8vo.    1910.

i Literature, by Edward William West.   B 2.     8vo.     1896-


Parthian Coinage, by Prof. Percy Gardner.    410.  ,1874.
Passing of the Empires, 830-330 B.C., by Gaston Maspero.    Large 8vo.

Persia and the Persian Question, by Lord Curzon of Kedleston.    2 vols.

8vo.    1892.

-Persian Literature, by Claud H. A. Field.    8vo.    1912.
Persian Revolution, The, by Edward Granville Browne.    8vo.    1910.
Persia, Past and Present, by Prof. A. V. Williams Jackson.   8vo.  New

York, 1906.

- Philip and Alexander ofMacedon, by David George Hogarth.  8 vo.   1 897.
Plutarch's Lives.

Polybius, Works of.

* Pulse of Asia, The, by Ellsworthy Huntington.    8vo.    1907.
Purchas His Pilgrimes.    1625.

Races of Man, Ihe, by Joseph Deniker.    Small 8vo.    1900.

Relation de Voyages, by Adam Olearius.    Paris.    1639.

Report on the Agriculture of Khorasan, by Lieut.-Col. Percy Molesworth

Sykes.    (Published by the Government of India, 1910.)
Ride to Khiva, by Captain F. G. Burnaby.    8vo.    1876.
Rise of Portuguese Power in India, by Richard Stephen Whiteway.

8vo.    1899.

Royal Anthropological Institute, Journal of.
Royal Asiatic Society, Proceedings of.
Royal Geographical Society, Journal of.
Ruins of Desert Cathay, by Marc Aurel Stein.    2 vols.   8vo.    1912.

Sadi, The Gulistan, translated by E. B. Eastwick.   8vo.    1852.
'Sculpture and Inscription of Darius the Great at Behistun, by L. W.

King and R. C. Thompson.   410.    1907.
Scythians and Greeks, by Ellis Hovell Minns.   41:0.    1913-
Seistan, by G, P, Tate.    Parts I -IV.   4*.    I9IO~1*'                   g

Selections from the Annals of Tabari, edited by M. J. de Goeje.    8vo.

Seventh°Great Oriental Monarchy ; the Sassanian or New Persian Empire,

by George Rawlinson.   8vo.    1876.
Short Cut to India, The, by David Fraser.   8vo.    1909.
Sixth Great Oriental Monarchy; Parthia, by Prof. George Rawlinson.

SetcorZ by Sir John Malcolm    2 vols.   Small 8vo     1828
Some riares Travels into Asia and Afrique, by Sir Thomas Herbert.
Folio.    1638.